Brands Taking Stands: What Consumers Really Think

When it comes to building brand loyalty and exceeding consumer expectations within increasingly competitive marketplaces, it’s no longer enough for brands to rely on the innovations of their product lines or uber-responsive customer service.

Consumers are now being drawn to brands that take a stand and publicly express their commitment to a cause. This trend goes deeper than a brand’s public perception. It can also impact bottom-line performance numbers. According to a recent study from the NYU Stern School of Business Center for Sustainable Business, 50 percent of consumer product growth between 2013 – 2018 came from sustainability-marketed products.

But with an abundance of platforms and issues, how can brands know which approach to corporate social responsibility truly resonates with consumers? To find out, we partnered with Washington D.C. – based public opinion firm Certus Insights to conduct a survey of 600 American adults that revealed some surprising results. Check them out in the graphic below.

Markstein Certus Insights Corporate Social Responsibility Survey Results


So what are the major takeaways for brands? To find out more, click here to read the report in Yahoo Finance, and click here to view the full presentation.

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