Eileen Markstein Shares Insights on Building a Fantastic Work Culture with Thrive Global and Authority Magazine

Markstein CEO Eileen Markstein was featured in Thrive Global and Authority Magazine to discuss how companies of any size can create exceptional work cultures. Eileen shares five ways that companies can improve their cultures and offers her perspective on the link between workforce happiness and business profitability. She cites a Queen’s University study, which found that organizations with an engaged culture benefit from 26% less employee turnover, 20% less absenteeism, and 15% percent greater employee productivity.

“It’s common to forget that employees are humans and can feel where their happiness falls on the totem pole of priority vs. revenue,” Eileen said, “and if this is out of balance, it’s natural for them to react accordingly. The onus is on companies and their leadership to find balance in their workplace, embrace the needs of team members and bring corporate values to life each and every day.”

The Thrive Global article can be read here, and the Authority Magazine article can be accessed here. To learn more about our unique company culture, click here.

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