The RheumLab: How Researchers Are Providing Hope to Patients
Katie Doyle

In partnership with Markstein, the Rheumatology Research Foundation launched the RheumLab, a patient-centered platform featuring various rheumatology resources. The Rheumatology Research Foundation is the largest private funding source for rheumatology research and training in the United States. 

“The RheumLab was created as a platform for patients and caregivers, clinicians and professionals to get research-related information on rheumatic diseases. It’s an exciting tool that provides current, relevant research topics to help so many people.” 

On the platform, patients and caregivers can find answers to frequently asked questions about the Foundation and the research funding process, explanations of complex rheumatology terms and articles on the latest rheumatology research topics. Clinicians can download posters and information sheets to share with their patients.  

The platform features video interviews with rheumatology professionals sharing insights and personal stories. There is also a section highlighting the Foundation’s #RheumChampions, a program that amplifies the voices of rheumatology patients. 

“The RheumLab connects the entire rheumatic disease community to support each other. The Rheum Champion program is a fantastic group of patient advocates who share their journeys and unite patients to feel they are not alone.” 

This tool is unique in that it shares complex research from some of the world’s leading rheumatology researchers in a digestible format. By learning about these projects and the Foundation’s ongoing efforts, patients can better understand how researchers are creating a better tomorrow for those living with a rheumatic disease.  

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