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Ours is a fast-paced, creative environment where positive attitudes, collaboration and respect prevail. From experienced industry vets to bright upstarts, scroll down to meet our team.

Our TeamOur TeamOur TeamOur TeamOur TeamOur TeamOur TeamOur Team

Danny Markstein

Founder and Chairman

Keelie Segars

Chief Executive Officer

Chris Hoke

Chief Creative Officer

Christy Evans

Executive Vice President, Client Experience

Jennifer Quenville

Executive Vice President, Strategy + Innovation

Paul Carstensen

Creative Director

Lindsey Gatlin

Brand Director

Pat Daugherty

Assistant Creative Director

Cassie McCay

Associate Brand Director

Angela Thomas

Senior Brand Leader

Agne Glodenis

Assistant Art Director

Jo-Leigh Underwood

Senior Digital Strategist

Katie Doyle

Senior Copywriter

Mary Frances Smyth

Senior Director, Strategy and Innovation

Sarah Missimer

Digital Marketing Analyst

Sonny Dill

Media Relations Specialist

Courtney Marlow

Accounting Manager

Renee Pate

Office Manager

Catherine Mayo

Traffic Manager

Sarah English Fields

Project Operations Specialist

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