Balancing AI and Authenticity in 2024
Katie Doyle
Marketing Tips

Artificial intelligence (AI) brings both opportunities and challenges for companies, associations and organizations in 2024. Brands that embrace these new technologies in an authentic way will stand out the most.

Our experts offer their insight and plans to embrace AI for client success.

“Generative AI will allow for faster scenario planning, trending and forecasting. Conversational prompts and text-to-code will help bridge the gap between highly technical and non-technical interfaces (users),” says Jennifer Quenville, executive vice president, strategy + innovation. “All of these potential benefits are not without human engagement. Data inputs and hygiene are critical to ensure analyses are accurate and understanding intent and context are critical for validity of insights and forecasts.”

Adobe recently released new updates for its suite of applications, which include AI tools that generate images within seconds. Agne Glodenis, assistant creative director, says while these tools are helpful, they still need a human touch.

“The technology isn’t perfect enough to replace a designer. Think of it like a library that you can choose images from but one that doesn’t have the same sense of aesthetics that people do.”

Markstein views AI as a powerful tool to be integrated into our processes rather than a substitute for them. “The choice is to own it or be owned by it,” says Chris Hoke, chief creative officer.

“As the technology improves, our goal is to live alongside it, put it through the paces and be ready when it becomes compelling enough to find new integrations.”

“Our outreach tactics should still be built off these basics: what are we trying to accomplish, who are we speaking to and how we measure success,” says Christy Evans, executive vice president, client experience.

How can brands break through the clutter in an AI-dominated world?


“With the continued evolution of AI and concerns around job security and authenticity, using real people and telling real stories will help your campaign and content stand out,” says Jo-Leigh Underwood, senior digital strategist.

Markstein recently incorporated this trend into two campaigns: See Yourself in a Tank Truck and our award-winning Real Faces of Alabama Trucking.

“These campaigns use real people to promote workforce solutions for the trucking industry,” says Underwood. “Their stories breathe life into a marketing space that was previously dominated with picture-perfect fabricated narratives.”

Ready to tell your brand’s authentic story? Partner with Markstein to experience our proven workforce solutions.

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