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Markstein recognizes the growing use of generative AI in digital and traditional marketing and communications. When used responsibly, these tools and platforms can increase efficiency and fuel creative collaboration in exciting new ways.

With that said, AI should never be used as a human replacement or without careful oversight. We’re carefully considering the ethical and legal implications of these tools and striving to use them with the highest level of professionalism. Below are Markstein’s guidelines for the use of generative AI tools and platforms within the agency and in all client partnerships.

We’re committed to delivering authentic, high-quality work.

Markstein will not use AI-sourced material without exercising due diligence and will be transparent about its usage. Below are examples of how we may use generative AI tools and platforms as part of our creative process to best serve our clients:

  • Brainstorming, storyboarding
  • Data planning & analysis
  • Recordings, transcriptions

We’re committed to accuracy in all of our work and communications.

Markstein recognizes that generative AI tools are still limited in overall function and ability to properly source information. When we use these tools as part of our creative process, we will always check for accuracy and use of credible sources. Team members will also thoroughly review any results generated by AI for plagiarism and copyright or trademark infringement.

We believe in diversity and inclusion.

We’re aware that generative AI comes with biases. In addition to the above checklist items, we will review all generated results to ensure diverse perspectives are represented.

We’re committed to protecting clients’ confidential information.

We will never enter a client’s sensitive information into a generative AI tool or platform. This includes but is not limited to confidential business plans, reports and internal employee communications.

We’re committed to updating these guidelines with the latest information.

We recognize that this technology is rapidly evolving, and we will regularly review these guidelines and update them with new information as needed.

The above are modeled after guidelines from The PR Council, a U.S.-based association dedicated to agencies with public relations offerings.

Last updated: 2/13/24

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