Why Authenticity Matters in Recruitment Marketing
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Authenticity is a powerful marketing tactic to reach your consumers, with 90% of millennials saying that brand authenticity is important when they are making buying decisions according to a Social Media Today survey.  

However, authenticity can also be a compelling tool in your recruitment efforts. Below are a few ways authentic messaging can help you recruit and retain your best candidates. 

Stand out to millennials in the digital clutter. 

A recent Gallup report shows that millennials switch careers more often than previous generations, with six in 10 stating they’re currently looking for new employment opportunities. This generation also has access to more information than ever with candidates easily being able look up salary information from competitors online. Companies need to get creative to break through the noise and reach this important segment of the workforce.  

Build trust with candidates to prevent early turnover.  

When potential job candidates trust your recruitment messages, they are more likely to interact with your content and take advantage of your career opportunities. Authentic messages can also help candidates determine whether their values align with your company and if your culture will be the right fit. 

Support your company’s diversity and inclusion efforts.  

Authentic recruitment marketing will help showcase your company’s diversity and inclusion initiatives and efforts. It can let candidates of all different backgrounds know that their perspectives will be recognized and valued at your company.   

Protect your employer brand through consistent messaging.  

Your employer brand is your public image and reputation among your past, current and potential employees. It includes the ways they speak about your company and how they perceive it. If there’s a disconnect between your initial promises and your employee’s experience once hired, it can harm your employer brand in the long term.  

You’ve heard the why. Ready for the how?

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