Revolutionize Your Hiring Strategy Using Markstein’s Job Board and Mapping Tools
Jo-Leigh Underwood
Workforce Development

In this digital age, it’s important to cut through the clutter of complicated web design and user experience (UX) to engage prospective employees who are ready to apply. Since we were unable to find an offering that gave our clients all of the bells and whistles they needed to assist their hiring process, we created our own!  

Let’s take a deeper dive into these tools and how they can benefit your recruitment process from education to application.  

Interactive Map 

Mock up of National Tank Truck Carriers interactive map on laptop and mobile device Our map tool gives the user information they need in an interactive, visual way. With features like filters, sub-locations, multi-tenant access and automated email communications already integrated, this offering gives companies and associations the ability to manage local (and national) listings with a group as small as three people. We’ve listened to feedback and adjusted the map to meet a variety of outcomes and destinations.  

Interactive Map Features: 

  • Multi-tenant access 
  • Approval/denial system 
  • Automated email communication integration 
  • Detailed data and metrics 
  • Native integration into your WordPress platform 
  • User journey insight 
  • Sub-locations (attached to a main “hub” location) 
  • Robust filtering options 

 To see an example of this tool in action, visit, and read more about our award-winning campaign for National Tank Truck Carriers in our recent case study. 

Job Board 

Mock up of Forestry Works job board on laptop and mobile device Our job board tool takes the hassle out of the hiring process for both candidates and employers. We understand that the online job hunt can be tiring, time-consuming and often repetitive. Our job board uses a dynamic system that allows users to fill out their profile information only once, and it will populate all future job applications, leading to a frustration-free process for the applicant and more applications for the employer.  

This dynamic information includes a resume and credential upload, allowing a user to store all of their relevant information in one place to share with potential employers. This feature is also built to accommodate multi-tenant access, allowing companies to populate their company page with relevant information like their logo, social media links and company overview.  

We kept privacy and functionality top of mind when developing this tool. Once logged in, a company is only able to see their information and job applications. While this tool is not meant to replace an entire HR platform, we have incorporated a few helpful features that can assist your internal communications around recruitment. With our star rating system and internal notes, multiple employees can easily get an overview of stand-out candidates.  

Job Board Features: 

  • Multi-tenant access 
  • Dynamic applicant profile information 
  • Company approval/denial system 
  • Automated email communication integration 
  • Detailed data and metrics 
  • Individual company pages that pre-filter job listings 
  • Robust filtering options 
  • Applicant preference notification system* 

To see an example of this tool in action, visit or Find additional information about our work with Forestry Works and Go Build Alabama by reading our recent case studies.  

* Indicates a feature in development 

How will these tools help me? 

 Our innovative workforce tools connect employers with qualified candidates and are designed to be user-friendly and get effective, measurable results. As a data-driven agency, we kept reporting in mind throughout development. The data gathered from these tools allow us (and our clients) to follow users throughout their journey and identify possible pain-points, leading to actionable insights and informed scalability.  

We take pride in partnering with our clients, working together to solve complex workforce problems and ultimately change lives for the better. 

Partner with Markstein to experience our award-winning workforce solutions. 

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