Crisis Communications Response

Conducting on-scene crisis communication response

“Markstein’s counsel was invaluable to our organization and leadership team when we faced an unexpected crisis issue. They worked closely with our communications team and legal counsel to ensure we responded quickly, yet appropriately, to the situation at-hand.

A large oil & natural gas company engaged Markstein to respond to a spill of over 11,500 barrels of gasoline. Our team was first on the scene and stood up the incident command (IC). We worked seamlessly with local, state and federal agencies to create statements for the media and general public. Markstein supported the company in 24/7 shifts for a period of four weeks, and in 12- hour shifts for two weeks, before winding down support of the IC. An independent media platform reviewed the response, citing several crisis communications experts. The crisis communications response was described as “textbook” by all who offered commentary.

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