Finding the right people

Industries across the country are struggling to find quality workers. And the problem is only getting worse as America works its way back from the pandemic and unprecedented infrastructure spending. While the shortage can be attributed to many factors, it boils down to a lack of connection to the target audience’s values that help them overcome whatever barriers keep them from engaging, such as an unclear career pathway or perception of value. This is how Markstein unlocks real workforce opportunity.

The Markstein Approach

We believe success must focus on both short and long term industry dynamics and needs. Through strategy, creativity, PR, digital, and social media, we craft insightful stories, integrated campaigns, and experiences that unlock latent or overlooked opportunity for the company and the employee. We succeed where past initiatives fell short because we have expertise uniting the entire ecosystem from workforce to workplace, marketplace to customers, brand to demand, growth to leadership.


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Phase 1
Finding the right talent
Building the ideal workforce starts with understanding your own culture and what type of people thrive in it. We identify the types of people that are the ideal employees for your organization, find where they congregate and speak to them in ways that motivate them.
This phase begins with defining the objectives of the initiative and understanding how success will be measured, continuing into market research.
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Phase 2
Attracting the right team
Analyzing your workforce approach can highlight opportunities to make it easier for candidates and identify “break points” that cause you to lose good candidates in the recruitment process. By using the right messages with the right audiences, we help activate the type of candidates that align with organizational goals and values.
Phase two begins with understanding our best candidates and speaking to them in ways that motivate them, using audience segmentation and innovative creative and media strategies.
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Phase 3
Retaining your people
Retaining good talent takes communication. Through proper onboarding, expectation-setting, and ongoing internal communications we help build a retention plan by mapping the advantages and values of the organization and communicating them in intentional ways using the organization’s unique voice and channels.
Retention is an ongoing process utilizing internal communications and workforce support to establish the organizational advantages and culture.

Featured Case Studies

Since bringing your team on board, we have seen a dramatic increase in the recruiting and retention area. Over the last four months, we have had historically high interest and processed literally hundreds of new applications for employment.
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