We cultivate authentic brand stories

that broaden awareness and drive revenue

Who we are

Every business has a story. At Markstein, our story is simple: strategy matters. We are a strategic communications agency performing across Public Relations, Marketing, Digital Influence, Creative and Crisis with Strategy driving all aspects of our work.

A laser focus on our clients’ business goals informs our targeted strategies that deliver compelling messages through verbal and visual platforms and digital and traditional media channels. We bring brand stories to life while broadening brand awareness, driving revenue and creating sustainable competitive advantages for our clients.

We take our work seriously, and so do our clients. More than just a partner, our talented communications team serves as proud brand advocates committed to unmatched levels of service founded on professionalism, responsiveness, proactive thinking and dedication to achieving results.

What we do

We seamlessly integrate public relations, marketing, digital influence and design to broaden brand awareness and influence behavior among increasingly-competitive markets and hyper-connected, diverse audiences.

Our approach is driven by proactive, measurable strategy and is centered on compelling messages that engage specifically-defined audiences. Creating noise and flash around a brand, especially without purpose towards a clearly-defined strategic goal, is ineffective and often counterproductive. In times of crisis, it can be fatal.

Our strategies are mobilized through proactive outreach that controls the message, influences perceptions, engages audiences and effectively drives behavior towards desired strategic outcomes. This is how we use strategic communications to secure competitive advantages.

Public Relations


Digital Influence




We engage and influence

targeted audiences with compelling messages

Project Details

We were charged with modernizing AutoTec’s website while staying true to the company’s history and culture. We art directed and combined new photography with vintage photography into refreshed web design elements and functionalities to achieve the company’s vision for its new web presence.


Project Details

After developing messaging for Clayton Homes’ Gen-Now Concept House and its Smart Points we conducted media outreach to increase awareness and generate excitement about the House in advance of, onsite and following the 2014 Berkshire Hathaway Annual Meeting. We secured media placements with the Associated Press, Bloomberg Businessweek, CNN, Fox News, as a feature story on Yahoo!, among others.


Project Details

We successfully introduced Eat Here Brands’ Babalu Tacos & Tapas restaurant to the Birmingham, Alabama market, generating awareness both locally and regionally through message development, event management, media relations and digital influence. We organized a 3-day soft opening for the restaurant and increased its Birmingham digital following on Twitter by 5,100 percent, Facebook by 1,026 percent and Instagram by 211 percent.


Project Details

We developed a trending hashtag, #WaffleWager to promote a football game wager (Alabama vs. Texas A&M in 2013, and Auburn vs. Georgia in 2014) between Royal Cup Inc., Waffle House and C.H. Guenther & Sons for free waffles and coffee. Our digital campaign resulted in 280,090 organic engagements in the first 48 hours and generated 262 stories in its initial year.


Project Details

We worked alongside Shipt as they successfully launched their on demand grocery delivery app in Birmingham. Leading up to the launch, we developed and implemented a grassroots digital influence campaign focused on nurturing brand champions throughout the city. As a result, 1,000 customers signed up for the service during a 30-day pre launch campaign.


Project Details

We conceptualized and designed a visual identity system for Spoon & Ladle Soup Co. Visual brand components were created based on the messaging platform we developed and included a logo, business cards, digital imagery and other print collateral items. We designed an interactive website for which we art directed all photography and wrote all copy.


Client Snapshot

Our Team

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Kelsey Barfell


Kyle Erickson


Kyle blends experience with calculated research to improve and amplify brand favorability, reputation and awareness across myriad platforms. His approach to strategic communications is derived from a deep understanding of how people form opinions and the social forces that influence behavior. He believes that a masterfully crafted story with targeted and impactful messaging can be a game-changer for any business, regardless of size.

Christy Evans


Christy's ability to view an organization holistically and develop innovative and interactive strategies allows her to deliver differentiating results. Her keen communications mind and business savvy position her as a valuable partner to clients.

Bailey Fuqua


Bailey enables brand conversations within the digital media realm. She develops creative content and executes targeted outreach to successfully communicate messages that engage digital audiences.

Beth Hamer

Director of Media Planning and

Mitchell Hendricks

Lexi Holdbrooks

Lexi specializes in developing and communicating targeted messages for her clients. She is known for her focus and tenacity, and an acute understanding of the activities that achieve specific public relations and marketing goals for a variety of clients.

Allison Lavender

Allison drives her clients’ messages to targeted audiences, creating value and increasing brand recognition. Her attention to detail makes her a valuable asset when implementing her clients’ communication strategies.

Lyndsey Lewis


Lyndsey helps clients translate communications strategies into effective outreach activities targeted to internal and external audiences. She leads initiatives for clients, including media relations, event planning, social media and executive positioning.

Emily Littleton


Emily is recognized for her creative viewpoint and ability to visually communicate her client's messages with clarity and distinction. She has experience working with a variety of media including print and digital.

Lynn Lowe


Lynn’s creative approach to communications enables her to tell her clients’ stories through a fresh perspective. She is known for her tenacity and thorough understanding of her clients’ communications goals. Her experience in creative content development and media outreach strengthens her ability to increase visibility and brand value for her clients.

Danny Markstein


Danny is recognized nationally as a trusted advisor to organizations who are faced with strategic challenges related to growth, awareness, revenue and succession, among others. He is best known for his integrated and actionable approach to strategic planning, internal and external corporate communications and organizational management.

Eileen Markstein


Eileen's idea-centered, innovative approach to communications strategy helps clients identify unrealized opportunities while addressing strategic challenges. She excels at navigating the arc between messaging and integrated strategies that proactively increase awareness and influence consumer behavior among target audiences.

Chris McCauley

Chris brings diverse communications experience and a longstanding passion for media relations and civic engagement to the Markstein team. He delivers measurable results to clients by using strategic channels to communicate clear, consistent messages that engage targeted audiences.

Will Moore


Mary Neumann


Whitney Northcutt

Senior Graphic

Whitney works closely with her clients to help them tell specific visual stories to targeted audiences. She develops compelling images and detailed designs in a variety of print and digital applications.

Susan Ann Roper

Susan Ann’s ability to see every angle of a story adds value to clients across a wide range of industries. She integrates both digital and traditional media into an organization’s communication strategy, and leverages a well-rounded background in digital-content development to connect with target audiences successfully online.

Keelie Segars

Associate Vice

Keelie brings a broad understanding of marketing, advertising, communications and operations strategy to bear on her clients’ ever changing business challenges. Her dynamic experience gives her unique insights into reaching internal as well as external audiences and an understanding of human and consumer behavior.

Anna Unkenholz

Anna’s communications experience working with various industries positions her to connect a broad range of clients. She focuses on turning brand stories into media content that can be communicated to their audiences.

Julie Wall


Julie specializes in planning and implementing campaign-style public relations strategies. Her vision-driven approach to integrative marketing planning, brand development, and media relations has increased awareness and market share for public and private institutions.

Nicole Wyatt


Nicole’s rich experience in media relations drives her creative perspective towards digital content development. Her seamless, functionally-integrated engagement strategies maintain client sentiment and voice while influencing and engaging both broad and targeted online audiences.